Route de la Belle Etoile | trip 4 — Osooyos, Canada

Traveling up by car from Spokane, WA in the USA, over the border into Canada was quite an experience. The long undulating landscape that unfolded in front of the car suddenly became sharp and upright at the Canadian border. I traveled there to see Jack Newton, a prolific amateur supernova hunter who, with his wife, runs an astronomy themed B&B in Osoyoos. Jack has had the rare honour of claiming time on the Hubble space telescope relating to his supernova work. I arrived a lucky couple hours late, as there had been a bear in his garden earlier on in the day — as it happens I did later encounter one in the room that I would spend the night.



Duke of Edinburgh’s award collaboration/brand refresh | first shoot

Spending a day being navigated by teenagers in Epsom, going for their bronze and silver awards — involved all the fun, awkwardness and hyperactivity expected. Shock was reserved for DofE communications officer who had quietly trailed along, eavesdropping on their audacious adolescent banter.



Route de la Belle Etoile | trip 3 — Châbons/Grenoble, France

On visiting two men named Olivier; both amateur spectroscopists — and staying overnight in one’s home atop a foothill in Grenoble. The next morning I was shown about the local village-at-altitude only to come upon the most wonderful set of flowering steps leading to a church that overlooked the valley.



Mas on the road image awarded Editors' Pick for the Street Life theme | Life Framer

“Editor’s comment: “This photo is a perfect example of composition that draws the eyes to one place, then bounces your attention from element to element. Each piece has a very different emotional flavor, yet they work well together as a whole. The jaunty viewpoint helps articulate the the dynanism and freneticism of the environment.””




Route de la Belle Etoile | trip 1 — Stockert, Germany

First trip; worst trip. The photos I bought back are great, so were the folks I met — not to mention getting to photograph the furious typings of a physicist, but planning a round trip to a hard-to-get-to location, that ends up being about 30 hrs without sleep, is not advisable. Cheap though.